Hugh Rogers
Wag Park

Park Guidelines


LEASH your dogs when entering and exiting the park area.

DISPLAY valid license and rabies tags.

PICK UP your dog's waste. [Municipal Ordinance 00-15].

SUPERVISE your dogs and kids carefully.

REMOVE aggressive dogs immediately.

LEAVE dogs under four months of age, sick, or in heat at home.

KNOW that your liable for injury or damage caused by your dog.

HANDLE handle conflicts with respect, grace and good humor.




Section 1. O. and section 7 of Whitefish City Ordinance No. 3 read in part as follows:

A vicious dog means any dog which bites or attempts to bite any human being without provocation and not in defense of person or property, or which harasses, chases, bites, or attempts to bite any other animal. Any owner who keeps, harbors or maintains a vicious dog in violation of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00). In addition, the Justice of the Peace or District Judge may order that the vicious dog be destroyed.

The Hugh Rogers Wag Park is part of the City of Whitefish Parks and Recreation Department. For further information contact them at 863-2470.


How You Can Help About The Park
How You Can Help About The Park


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