Hugh Rogers
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Benefits of The Dog Park


  1. Benefits of the Hugh Rogers Wag ParkMore efficient management of dogs by the city.

    All dogs using a dog park will be required to have a current license, either city or county, and a rabies tag. The animal control officer will be able to interact with dog owners on a regular basis. S/he will be able to answer the question, Where can I take my dog? There will be fewer problems with dogs off-leash in areas where it is not appropriate.

  2. Promoting pet owner responsibility

    As people gather and socialize at the park, peer pressure becomes a positive force to control and clean up after your animal. Training tips and good manners are exchanged. Reader boards within the park will provide information about licensing requirements, pet responsibility and dog-related services.

  3. Providing all citizens a place to recreate with dogs.

    A safe and legal space to play can enhance the experience for all dog owners. Many people appreciate a place to let their animals exercise off-leash, or simply to enjoy other peoples animals. Dog owners merit a place in the public park system for their activity.

  4. A marketable asset for the city

    Visitors want and need a place to exercise their animals while traveling. People buying homes and operating businesses want an environment conducive to responsible pet ownership.

  5. Reducing pressure on outlying areas

    As Whitefish expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable places for dogs to run off-leash. Driving long distances to safely exercise pets is expensive, environmentally unfriendly and often impractical. Home owners on the fringes have problems with parking and uncontrolled use. Wildlife is harassed and habitat damaged.

  6. A well exercised dog is less likely to cause problems

    The majority of dogs in a dog park seem to understand that this is neutral territory, and a place to play. They learn socialization skills. Dog owners who are inclined to let their dogs stay in a yard and bark are often inspired to use a near-by fenced park. Everyone benefits.

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